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Núpsstaður is the easternmost farm in Skaftárhreppur district and lies east of Lómagnúpur. At Núpsstaður there are remarkable old buildings that are believed to be typical for farms in Iceland in past centuries. The most noteworthy of these is the chapel. It is one of few remaining turf churches in the country. It is believed that the chapel is mostly from a church that was built around 1650, but a church was abandoned there in 1765. It was re-consecrated in 1961. 

Just east of the farm is a 600m high and precipitous mountain, Lomagnupur. According to ancient mythology, it is occupied by one of the four main protective spirits of Iceland. The giant with the iron stick. Who is on the Icelandic coins along with the remaining three other figures in Iceland’s coat of arms.

The surrounding Núpsstaður amazingly beautiful and the area reaches from the ocean and black sands and all the way to Vatnajökull. Núpsstaður lies right by the Skaftafell National Park and volcanic eruptions, glaciers and lakes have shaped the environment there, in addition to shaping diverse formations.
The distance from Reykjavík is about 370 km.

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